Table 1

Effect of the educational concussion module: participants’ characteristics, concussion knowledge and attitude and view of professional footballers

Characteristics (n=61)
Gender (male/female; %)78/22
Age (in years; mean±SD)23.8±5.7
Height (in cm; mean±SD)177.1±9.7
Weight (in kg; mean±SD)72.1±10.4
Duration of football career (in years; mean±SD)5.7±5.2
History of concussion (%)
 One or two33
 Three or more12
Concussion knowledge (0–25; mean±SD)18.8±2.820.0±2.0P=0.16
Concussion attitude (15–75; mean±SD)60.2±8.364.2±6.7P=0.01
View of professional footballers
Concussion module is relevant (%)97
Concussion module of added value (%)87
Suitable duration of the concussion module (%)100
Suitable form of the concussion module (%)100