Table 1

Codes related to the definition/description of injury and associated illustrative quotes

Performance limitation I think an injury can be any sort of limitation; that doesn’t allow you to perform or do your job 100%, or can jeopardize a limitation that you have already. In that case, I think any type of limitation that doesn’t allow you to perform 100 % should be taking care of, in order to not make it worse. Artist
In my mind , an injury would be something that will cause an artist to not be able to do their regular duties. Something that is caused by trauma, but also something else that makes them not able to perform their duty. AD
Something that prohibits you to be in your full potential; for me, it’s an injury. Coach
Missing or modifying training/ shows Something that makes you stop to do your act, or something that you need to stop to do on stage. That means, you are not able to do what you do for performing.
When you can’t complete your performance. Different Artists, FG ( 2)
Sometimes we just adapt to our injuries, for example, if you’ve injured your finger: ok, you can’t grab so strong, but you still have 4 more fingers to grab . So, you can compensate, you can adapt to your injuries. Artist
Impact on the show and performance quality In my role, as an AD, when I hear the word injury , my first question is: how does it affect the artist in the show? So, for me, when we talk about injury there are a lot of questions and a lot of possibilities. So, whether the artist is out completely, short term, long term, modified or restricted temporarily or permanently. AD
Pain feeling I think pain can be the guide of injury for some people, but it depends on the individual. Pmed
Pain? Depends on the artist and different artists have different level-of-pain thresholds. Coach
Because we are used to work with pain, right?
Indeed (others say right )
But pain is a sign that something is wrong.
Pain gives meaning to your life, you know? (everybody laughs)
If you wake up with no pain, you are dead. Different Artists, FG ( 1)