Table 4

Other departments roles that influence injury and its prevention

Stage management ( SM ) SM, because they are the ones that are dividing the cues. So if they see that an artist is on stage 75 % of the time, while this other artist is just 50 % They need to find rotations, backups, replacements and put that in place in order to balance the load. AD
Technical staff (Sound, Light, Automation) The technician for our act is very important and you need to trust them. (others agree). It’s trust in the technicians and in our team. Artist
Any aerial number it’s dangerous for us. So, we need the technical team in their best game. So it’s not just artists that need to prevent injuries. Artist
Wardrobe In our costume, we have pads in some areas where we hit the bars and wardrobe always help with that. They put pads to protect these areas. Artist
I’m having this problem with my costume, and for me is not a big safety thing. But I would make a lot easier for me to execute this particular trick if I have a piece of this costume gone. (…)And they need to developed a whole new costume. Artist
Casting Casting- I think it's very important. The choice of that person for that profile. There is a lot of trouble choosing people who are not appropriate for that. And sometimes with a month, a week, the person breaks down. Because the casting was badly done, the way we choose the artists is very important. Coach
Creation Also in creation, you have to be careful when you create certain acts. If they come with an act that the experts of cirque already see: uhh, it’s a beautiful act right now, but in a long term this might become a problem . So, they should think about it already there. And hire at least two groups of those people and they can always rotate. So the pressure is not just in a duo or in trio. AD
High management (senior managers) The thing that I keep talking about is: for me, injury prevention should start in the headquarters. Because it’s something new. (…). It’s hard to start without [ injury prevention ] . This is a big big thing right now. This needs to be part of the culture of circus, the injury prevention. Coach
Travel and lodging/ tour management I believe tour management could help us a lot, in regards to travel to city to city. Some of the times put a lot of stress in my body. (…)I feel like simple measures that could be taken by other departments that could really benefit our health. Artist