Table 2

Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q) scores for subjects with lower and higher exercise dependence

Lower EXDS score
Higher EXDS score
P value
EDE-Q global score0.49±0.590.33±0.420.69±0.710.073
EDE-Q subscales:
Restraint 0.58±0.900.46±0.810.72±1.010.418
Shape concern 0.51±0.670.34±0.400.74±0.870.079
Weight concern 0.47±0.640.29±0.510.69±0.730.071
Eating concern 0.14±0.520.06±0.160.24±0.770.335
  • Data are shown as mean and SD.

  • EXDS, Exercise Dependence Scale.