Table 1

eSport management team roles

eSport athleteReport any symptoms of physical discomfort
Be honest in the amount of game play and any addictive behaviours they may feel they have
Be in good academic standing
Team physicianOversee all healthcare of the student -athlete
Ask focused questions to physical activity and nutrition
Evaluate social behaviour
Inquire about academic performance
Inquire about musculoskeletal complaints
Evaluate vision
Psychologist/psychiatristPerform assessments if suggested on addictive behaviour.
Athletic trainers/sports medicine staffPerform pre-season assessments on athletes. Some basic tests may include the standardised step up test.
Flexibility testing, body composition testing, overall activity status with recommendations.
Physical therapy/occupational therapyThese specialists should be on referral from the team physician should hand, wrist, neck or back pain arise. Ergonomic evaluation of playing position, strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises.
OphthalmologistThis specialist should be on referral to evaluate retinal damage, and photoreceptor damage from excessive blue light exposure. Ophthalmologists have the ability to treat retinal damage whereas an optometrist does not.
CoachAssist in implementation of therapies and treatment, support the medical staff and the protocol.