Table 3

Dietary characteristics and energy expenditure for subjects with lower and higher exercise dependence

All (n=53)Lower EXDS (n=23)Higher EXDS (n=30)P value
Energy intake (kcal/day)3084±6873029±5753126±7690.615
Carbohydrate intake (g/kg/day)4.8±1.54.9±1.64.7±1.50.567
Protein intake (g/kg/day)1.7±0.31.6±0.41.7±0.30.289
Fat intake (E%)35.1±8.235.8±10.034.5±6.60.550
Fat (g/kg/day)1.6±0.51.6±0.51.6±0.40.543
Fibre intake (g/day)32.4±12.532.9±16.032.1±9.30.815
EA (kcal/kg FFM/day)37.7±10.941.0±11.035.1±10.30.054
Low EA (no. of subjects)12 (23%)3 (13%)9 (30%)0.193
Energy balance (kcal/day)−265±68715±633−479±657 0.008
EEE (kcal/day)760±404546±273925±415 0.000
  • Normally distributed data are shown as mean and SD, and number (no.) of subjects are shown as number (n) and percentage (%).

  • EA, energy availability; EEE, exercise energy expenditure; EXDS, Exercise Dependence Scale; FFM, fat free mass.