Table 2

Players and injuries characteristics

20152016P value
Number of players1414
Players anthropometrics, mean±SD
 Age, years27.15±4.3026.5±3.270.06
 Height, cm1.78±0.061.79±0.060.42
 Weight, kg77.62±7.1277.94±7.180.18
 Percentage body fat, %11.8±1.8610.4±1.860.22
Exposure training, hour/player/season384390
Exposure match, hour/player/season106,599
Number of muscle injuries1140.04
Total muscle injury incidence/player0.780.28
Injury incidence, training0.090
Injury incidence, match0.911.0
Injury severity (%)
 Minimal (1–3 days)00
 Mild (4–7 days)2 (18.2)1 (25)
 Moderate (8–28 days)9 (81.8)3 (75)
 Severe (>28 days)00
Days of absence, days18962
Days of absence/injury, mean±SD17.18±8.0215.5±5.80