Table 2

Participants’ characteristics with sport, injuries and calcium measures for runners and cyclists. Values are presented as means and SD (n=38)

Started competing (age)18 (5)16 (1)
Years competing7 (3)7 (3)
Training hours (last year)549 (170)**909 (124)**
Calcium intake (mg/day)1503 (674)1324 (558)
Number of athletes training HRT last 2 years516
Incident† total career acute fractures (%)14*59*
Incident† total career stress fractures (%)4812
  • *P≤0.05. **P≤0.01.

  • †Cumulative incidence.

  • ‡Two male cyclists did not respond to the questionnaire and were excluded from the present analysis.

  • HRT, heavy resistance training.