Table 4

Univariate binary logistic analysis of factors for low BMD for all participants (cyclists, n=19; runners, n=21)

FactorOR95% CIP value
Age (year)1.068(0.907 to 1.257)0.429
Height (cm)0.985(0.917 to 1.058)0.683
Body mass (kg)0.998(0.932 to 1.069)0.956
BMI (kg/m2)1.124(0.740 to 1.706)0.583
FFM (%)1.166(0.984 to 1.381)0.077
FM (%)0.903(0.767 to 1.064)0.223
Started competing (age)†1.020(0.876 to 1.1880.795
Years competing†0.940(0.745 to 1.186)0.603
Training hours (year)†1.006(1.001 to 1.011)0.011*
Ca (mg/day)†0.999(0.998 to 1.000)0.205
Number of athletes training HRT last 2 years0.134(0.015 to 1.212)0.074
Incident‡ total career acute fractures (%)†7.000(1.413 to 34.682)0.017*
Incident‡ total career stress fractures (%)†
  • *P≤0.05;

  • †Missing data form two participants.

  • ‡Cumulative incidence.

  • BMD, bone mineral density; BMI, body mass index; Ca, calcium; FFM, fat-free mass; FM, fat mass; HRT, heavy resistance training.