Table 1

Test standards for peak acceleration of impact in protective headgear

Sport or leisure activityPeak acceleration (g max)BodyReference
American FootballMust not exceed 300gASTMF717-10
Horse sports/horseback ridingMust not exceed 300gASTMF1163-15
Cycling & roller-skatingMust not exceed 300gASTMF1447-12-
Skateboarding/trick roller-skatingMust not exceed 300gASTMF1492-08(2015)
Speed skatingMust not exceed 300gASTMF1849-07(2012)
Downhill mountain bike racingMust not exceed 300gASTMF1951-15
Recreational snow sportsMust not exceed 300gASTMF2040-11
BMX bikingMust not exceed 300gASTMF2032-15
SoccerMust not exceed 300gASTMF2439-06 (2016)
Martial artsMust not exceed 80gASTM
 FallingMust not exceed 300gASTMF2397-09
 Low energy striking impactMust not exceed 50gASTMF2397-09
 High energy striking impactMust not exceed 150gASTMF2397-09
RugbyMust be greater than 200gWRRegulation 12
  • ASTM International, American Society for Testing & Materials; WR, World Rugby.