Table 4

Exercise interaction with the circadian system to improve health

Author, yearFinding
Van Someren et al 199744 Long-term fitness training improves the circadian rest–activity rhythm in healthy elderly males, measured 1 month postintervention.
Montaruli et al 200946 The time-of-day of exercise was associated with the circadian rhythm and sleep response to transmeridian travel (although chronotype and light exposure may have played a role).
Fairbrother et al 201445 Exercise, depending on time of day, could differentially augment nocturnal blood pressure dips, time spent in different sleep-stages, and sleep-onset latencies in the 24 hours following the stimulus.
Chen et al 201542 Circadian rhythm is associated with physical activity and objective sleep in patients with lung cancer.
Chen et al 201643 Exercise improves circadian rest–activity rhythm in patients with lung cancer.