Table 2

A comparison of athlete blood results in the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID) and control groups [a]. These were then subdivided into those taking an NSAID the morning of the marathon (mNSAID group) [b] and those taking an NSAID during the marathon (dNSAID group) [c]

[a] NSAID use before or during the marathon
NSAID group (n=16)Control group (n=12)P value
Pre-marathon [Na] (mmol/L)142.8±4.1140.2±4.40.114
Post-marathon [Na] (mmol/L)140.8±4.4142.5±1.80.161
∆ [Na) (mmol/L)−2.1±5.72.3±4.70.039