Table 1

Participant demographics, body mass, fluid intake and marathon time data

Complete finish line cohort
NSAID group
Control group
P value*
Age (years)45±943±847±110.316
Body mass (kg)79.0±16.877.8±18.880.8±14.40.649
Caucasian ethnicity, n (%)23 (82.1)13 (81.2)12 (100)0.112
Number of prior marathons completed6±134±107±160.532
Estimated fluid intake during the marathon (L)1.4±1.51.7±1.61.0±1.50.309
Race time (min)276.0±48.0276.8±45.6281.0±58.70.834
Absolute body mass change (kg)−1.6±1.3−1.4±1.3−1.9±1.20.376
Relative body mass change (%)−2.1±1.5−1.9±1.6−2.3±1.40.568
  • *P values are given for analysis between the NSAID and control groups. NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.