Table 1

Demographics of incidents reported when the rider was or was not wearing a body protection vest

Total numbers of reported mounted incidentsMedian age of rider affectedGender of riderNo. reported incidents wearing body protectionNo. Reported incidents not wearing body protection
All mounted activities65814 (range of 5–65)95.0%5.0%165 (25.0%)493 (75.0%)
  Riders not in jumping disciplines17013 (range of 5–57)90.6%9.4%17 (10.0%)153 (90.0%)
  Riders in jumping disciplines48414 (range of 7–65)96.9%3.1%149 (30.8%)335 (69.2%)
   Show jumping30614 (range of 7–65)97.1%2.9%23 (7.5%)283 (92.5%)
   Cross country17414 (range of 7–64)97.7%2.3%123 (70.7%)51 (29.3%)