Table 1

Demographic and functional characteristics of endurance athletes and control subjects

Athletes (n= 34)Controls (n= 12)P values
Age (years)48.18±7.4842.36±13.43n.s
BSA (m2)1.80±0.111.89±0.14n.s
Training volume (hours/week)9.38±3.523.08±1.52<0.05
Training history (years)28.06±10.849.38±3.02<0.05
Rest heart rate (bpm)56.03±8.8770.33±15.42<0.05
VO2 peak (mL/min/kg)60±6.53
Peak heart rate (bpm)176.27±10.32
RER max1.14±0.07
  • Data are presented as mean value±SD. VO2 peak, maximal oxygen uptake.

  • BSA, body surface area; RER max, maximal respiratory exchange ratio.