Table 3

Lost working years and lost life years due to insufficient physical activity, and lost life years due to insufficient physical activity in relation to the number of death and in relation to lost life years for illnesses

Lost working years (mortality)Lost working years (early retirement)Lost life yearsLost life years/number of deathsLost life years/lost life years for all illness
 Colon cancer3632953551728150210110.94%0.48%
 Breast cancer820221217120.01%0.00%
 Ischaemic heart disease253113878235415 4688 1778108.38%2.60%
 Depression and anxiety203137140397770.01%0.00%
 Total 3430 2012 5533 1689 20 560 11 650 72 78
 Colon cancer2842141751651111210110.71%0.30%
 Breast cancer7053793182363140515151.02%0.38%
 Ischaemic heart disease6642832395468612510782.95%0.67%
 Depression and anxiety104547140398570.00%0.00%
1932 971 6098 1689 13 414 6072 66 68