Table 3

HDL, LDL and VLDL size and concentration of total particles and subfractions*

High-carbohydrateLow-carbohydrateP valuesEffect size
Lipoprotein insulin resistance index†26.710.475.85.750.0012.47
HDL size (nm)9.510.4710.20.470.0051.47
Total HDL particles (nmol/L)3453740.1370.66
Large HDL particles (nmol/L)8.13.414.84.40.0011.70
Medium HDL particles (nmol/L)
Small HDL particles (nmol/L)13.05.514.35.20.5810.24
LDL particle size (nm)20.990.3521.470.340.0061.39
Total LDL particles (nmol/L)89319613633430.0021.68
Large LDL particles (nmol/L)45610110262590.0002.90
Intermediate LDL particles (nmol/L)7377176640.0021.45
Small LDL particles (nmol/L)3632451611350.1011.02
VLDL particle size (nm)43.651.7238.24.090.0021.74
Total VLDL particles (nmol/L)48263860.3930.53
Large VLDL particles (nmol/L)
Medium VLDL particles (nmol/L)13.615.
Small VLDL particles (nmol/L)331433180.9660.00
  • *Values are mean±SD (n=10).

  • †Combined algorithm of six lipoprotein measures.

  • HDL, high-density lipoprotein; LDL, low-density lipoprotein.