Table 3

Study protocol for concussion management adapted from ref.36

StepsConcussion management protocol
1Immediate removal from the field and total rest for the patient with concussion
2CT scan or brain magnetic resonance imaging (optional)
3First consultation with the neurologist within 48 hours following the injury including
3aConfirmation of the diagnosis
3bCantu classification for concussion severity
3csymptoms’ assessment, performance on SCAT and NeuroTracker evaluation
4Return to exercising in stages once post-concussive symptoms at rest have disappeared:
4aWalking or biking
4bIndividual running
4cTraining without contact
5Second consultation with the neurologist in the absence of recurrent symptoms during exercising
5aConfirmation of the recovery based on cognitive evaluation (SCAT and NeuroTracker)
5bClear for return to play or follow-up visit
  • SCAT, Sport Concussion Assessment Tool.