Table 2

History of the injury

mTBI athletesNumberPercentage
Cause of injury
Occurence of injury
Admission Cantu grade
 Severe (3)4678
 Moderate (2)915
 Mild (1)23
Admission AAN grade
 ≤1 min814
 ≥1 min1932
 ≤1 min58
 ≥1 min610
Initial symptoms
 Pressure in head3153
 Neck pain3051
 Difficulty concentrating/remembering2949
 Balance problems2441
 Trouble falling asleep2136
 Visual problems1932
Duration of symptoms
 Mean duration ±SEM9.88±1.56 days
 Max/min duration 56 days/30 min
  • AAN, American Academy of Neurology; LOC, Loss of consciousness; mTBI, mild traumatic brain injury.