Table 3

Exercise descriptors (from Toigo and Boutellier27 for included trials)

Exercise descriptorsHouck et al 32 Jeong et al 31 Kulig et al 33
SLHRTheraband PF, DF, INV, EV (weeks 1–6)Seated HR (weeks 1–2)BLHR
(weeks 3–4, 5–6)
(weeks 5–6)
ADD in PF (concentric)ADD in PF (eccentric)
1. Load magnitudeBWIncreasing resistanceBWRed → blue → blackPartial BWBW → loadedBW15 RM15 RM
2. Number of repetitions10 → 3010 → 3010 → 30202015151515
3. Number of sets2 → 32 → 32 → 3443333
4. Rest in between sets (s or min)NRNRNR30 s30 s30 s30 s1–2 min1–2 min
5. Number of exercise interventions (per day or week)2×/day2×/day2×/dayNRNRNRNR2×/day2×/day
6. Duration of experimental period (days or weeks)12 weeks12 weeks12 weeks6 weeks6 weeks6 weeks6 weeks12 weeks12 weeks
7. Fractional/temporal distribution of the contraction per repetition and duration (s) of one repetitionIsotonicIsotonicIsotonicIsotonicIsotonicIsotonicIsotonicConcentricEccentric
8. Rest in between repetitions (s or min)NRNRNRNRNRNRNRNRNR
9. Time under tension (s)NRNRNRNRNRNRNR5 s5 s
10. Volitional muscular failureNoYesNoNRNRNRNRNoNo
11. Range of motionFullFullFullNRNRNRNRNeutral → EOREOR → Neutral
12. Recovery time in between exercise sessions (hours or days)NRNRNRNRNRNRNRNRNR
13. Anatomical definition of the exercise (exercise form) describedYesYesYesNoNoNoNoYesYes
  • Items 1–6, classical set of descriptors; items 7–13 (shaded),new set of descriptors.

  • ADD, adduction; BLHR, bilateral heel raise; BW, body weight; DF, dorsiflexion; EV, eversion; EOR, end of range; HR, heel raise; INV, inversion; NR, not reported; PF, plantar flexion; RM, repetition maximum; SLHR, single leg heel raise.