Table 1

Study characteristics

AuthorYearJournalSettingPopulationAgeType of studyIntervention/sComparatorOutcomesTime points
Biernatet al 11 2014 J Strength Cond Res University physical therapyMale volleyball players with patellar tendinopathyMixedRandomised controlled trialSpecific exercises including eccentric decline squatContinued competitive activity and functional exercisesVisa-P Maximal power Jump heightBaseline, 12 weeks, 24 weeks
Cannellet al 16 2001 Br J Sports Med Sports medicine centreMixed athletes with jumper’s kneeMixedRandomised controlled trialDrop squat exercisesLeg extension/curl exercisesPain score Quadriceps moment Hamstring momentBaseline, 4 weeks
Jonsson et al 14 2005 Br J Sports Med Sports medicine unitAthletes with jumper’s kneeMixedRandomised controlled trialEccentric exercisesConcentric exercisesVISA Pain scores (VAS)Baseline, 6 weeks, 12 weeks
Topolet al 9 2011 Pediatrics Physical medicineChildren with Osgood Schlatter’s who played sportsAll <18 years oldRandomised controlled trialLocal anaesthetic and Local anaesthetic plus dextroseUsual careNPSS (Nirschl Pain Phase Scale)Baseline, 3 months
Trailet al 10 1988 J Pediatr Orthop Secondary care—OrthopaedicsChildren with Osgood Schlatter’sAll <18 years oldRetrospective non-randomised parallel group designTibial sequestrectomy and mixture of cast/injections/physiotherapyReduction of activity/sport avoidance and mixture of cast/injections/physiotherapyProportion symptomatic Complication rateVariable as at final review
Wanget al 12 2007 Am J Sports Med Orthopaedic surgery departmentPatients with chronic patellar tendinopathyMixedRandomised controlled trialShockwave treatment followed by period of light activityNSAIDs, physiotherapy and exercise programPain scores VISA Knee range of movementBaseline, variable—2 to 3 years
Willberget al 15 2011 Br J Sports Med Sports medicine unitPatients with patellar tendinopathyMixedRandomised controlled trialArthroscopic shavingSclerosing polidocanol injectionsVAS at rest VAS on activity SatisfactionBaseline, variable—approximately 12 months
Van Ark et al 13 2016 J Sci Med Sport Physiotherapy departmentVolleyball/basketball players with patellar tendinopathyMixedRandomised controlled trialIsometric exercisesIsotonic exercisesPain scoreBaseline, 4 weeks
  • NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.