Table 1

Injuries reported in studies of the squat exercise

InjurynStudy designStudy
Avulsions of the reflected head of the rectus femoris with labral partial thickness tear1Retrospective studyFoote et al 27
Bilateral quadriceps rupture1Case reportHill et al 23
Bilateral quadriceps rupture with spiral fracture tibia and fibula1Case reportGrenier and Guimont21
Bilateral quadriceps rupture with partial ACL tear1Case reportFenelon et al 22
Clay-shoveler's fracture1Case reportHenrick25
Muscle rupture, biceps femoris(3-week postopopearive hamstring syndrome)1Case seriesOrava and Kujala26
Talus bone fracture1Case reportMannis24
  • n, number of participants in the study.