Table 2

Injuries reported in studies of the bench press

InjurynStudy designStudy
Bench presser’s shoulder5Case seriesBhatia et al 48
Bilateral anterior shoulder dislocation1Case reportJones28
Bilateral anterior shoulder dislocation1Case reportCresswell and Smith29
Bilateral anterior shoulder dislocation with Hill-Sachs lesions1Case reportEl Rassi et al 30
Clavicle fracture1Case reportRijnberg and Linge31
Pectoralis major rupture1Case reportOrdas Bayon et al 32
Pectoralis major rupture29Meta-analysisBak et al 57
Pectoralis major rupture1Case reportRijnberg and Linge33
Pectoralis major rupture9Case seriesAärimaa et al 49
Pectoralis major rupture1Case report and reviewHasegawa and Schofer34
Pectoralis major rupture25Case seriesGuity et al 50
Pectoralis major rupture1Case reportHoppes et al 35
Pectoralis major rupture8Retrospective studySchepsis et al 55
Pectoralis major rupture1Case reportKrishne et al 36
Pectoralis major rupture12Prospective cohortde Castro Pochini et al 56
Pectoralis major rupture6Case seriesKakwani et al 51
Pectoralis major rupture1Case reportReut et al 37
Pectoralis major rupture1Case report and reviewMcEntire et al 39
Pectoralis major rupture1Case reportPochini et al 38
Pectoralis major rupture8Case seriesConnell et al 52
Pectoralis major rupture14Case seriesGarrigues et al 53
Pectoralis major rupture with pectoral nerve injury1Case reportBorg-Stein et al 40
Pectoralis major tendon avulsion1Case reportPrabhu et al 41
Posterior shoulder dislocation1Case reportCuffolo et al 42
Rib fracture1Case reportGoeser and Aikenhead43
Salter-Harris type I fracture of the distal radius1Case reportWeiss and Sponseller44
Scaphoid fracture1Case reportMason et al 45
Triceps tendon rupture1Case reportHerrick and Herrick46
Triceps tendon rupture3Case seriesSollender et al 54
Weightlifter’s shoulder1Case reportO’Brien47
  • n, number of participants in the study.