Table 1

Values for each score and the final score obtained for each lower limb and the probability of injury

Corresponding points
Risk (<55%, >64%)No0Dominance of the lower limbNon-dominant5
Difference in peak torque of the knee extensor >10%No0Professional historyProfessional acting previous season29
Yes100Under/Youth categories in previous season0
Difference in peak torque of the knee flexor >10%No0Previous injuries—moderate to severe injuries in the last 2 yearsNo0
Body mass indexNormal10Current team (type of championship to be played)First division23
Overweight0Second division0
Age group Playing positionGoalkeeper
A: 1823 yearsA0Defender43
B: 23–30 yearsB4Full-back23
C: 31–36 yearsC15Midfielder0
Mean distance of the lower limb in the single-hop test1.4 m51Mean distance of the lower limb in the cross-over hop test2.0 m28
1.5 m442.5 m25
1.6 m383.0 m23
1.7 m323.5 m20
1.8 m254.0 m17
1.9 m194.5 m14
2.0 m135.0 m11
2.1 m065.5 m08
2.2 m06.0 m06
6.5 m03
7.0 m0
Final score
58: 1%190: 30%250: 70%
116: 5%206: 40%269: 90%
143: 10%220: 50%298: 90%
171: 20%234: 60%324: 95%