Table 2

Inter-rater repeatability for posture and mobility tests in the Finnish Health Promoting Sports Club study

TestAgreement (%)κ values
Shoulder posture
 Shoulder protrusion on one or both sides680.63
 Scoliometer reading ≥3° at AC-joint level (yes/no)830.56
Forward bend
 Scoliometer reading ≥3° at back730.58
 Scoliometer reading ≥7° at back810.09
Asymmetry in iliac crest height970.93
Shoulder mobility680.42
Modified Thomas test
 Marked iliopsoas tightness on one side930.36
 Marked iliopsoas tightness on both sides900.66
Navicular drop
 Side-to-side difference ≥2 mm660.30
 ≥10 mm710.15
Generalised joint laxity810.47