Table 3

Sedentary behaviour and physical activity levels in the subjects with >30% risk of CVDs* and CVD diagnosis†

>30% risk(n=51)CVD diagnosis(n=63)Mean difference95% CI for the difference
Mean daily accumulated total times of MVPA bouts lasting
 >30 s‡31.2 (27.2)26.6 (23.0)2.9−6.2 to 12.1
Mean daily number of MVPA bouts lasting
 >5 min§0.89 (1.50)0.79 (1.12)0.04−0.46 to 0.54
Mean daily accumulated total times of SB bouts lasting
 >3 min‡380 (114)412 (120)−39−75.4 to −2.6
Mean daily number of SB bouts lasting
 >5 min§23.5 (6.0)24.8 (6.6)−1.6−3.6 to 0.3
Number of daily steps
 Mean4740 (3160)4120 (2710)500−560 to 1550
  • General linear model (analysis of covariance) between the subjects with >30% risk and CVD diagnosis. Standardised by age, sex and accelerometer wearing time.

  • *CVD risk is based on Framingham Risk Score (includes age, systolic blood pressure, total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, smoking, diabetes and antihypertensive medication as explanatory variables).

  • †CVD diagnosis: ischaemic heart disease, acute myocardial infarction or combination of these.

  • ‡The values denote: minutes (SD).

  • §The values denote: number of bouts (SD).

  • CVD, cardiovascular disease; MVPA, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity; SB, sedentary behaviour.