Table 1

Sample routine of the TennisReady on-court programme (in this case: week 6 with elastic band option)

Cardiovascular: circuit run: performed over the width of a tennis court (ie, 8–10 m), time: 2 min
 Dribbling2 reps
 Skipping with arm swings2 reps
 Sidesteps2 reps
 Dribbelling with arm swings2 reps
 Line run2 reps
Neuromuscular time: 5 min
 Half T with band12/arm
 W with band14 reps
 PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)hip-to-shoulder12 reps
 Leg swing5/leg
 Diver with band3×10 s/leg
 Monster walk with band around kneesKnot at 10 cm from end
Tennis-specific time: 3 min
 Service line T, return forwards2 reps
 Mini-tennis within two service areas, slice onlyMinimum 2 min