Table 1

Cochrane criteria for the assessment of RCTs and cohort studies


Cohort studies

1. Is a method of randomisation applied?

1. Are study groups clearly defined?

2. Is randomisation blinded?

2. Is there any selection bias?

3. Are the patients blinded?

3. Is the exposure clearly defined?

4. Is the therapist blinded?

4. Is the outcome clearly defined?

5. Is the outcome assessor blinded?

5. Is the outcome assessment blinded?

6. Are the groups comparable?

6. Is the follow-up accurate?

7. Is there an acceptable lost-to-follow-up?

7. Is there an acceptable lost-to-follow-up?

8. Is there an intention-to-treat?

8. Are confounders described and/or eliminated?

9. Are treatments comparable?

  • RCT, randomised controlled trial.