Table 2

Body region injured, type of injury and location of injury occurrence for ED presentations and HA from 2002-2003 to 2015-2016

ED presentationsHA
Body region injured
 Shoulder and upper arm22429.563712.7
 Elbow and forearm20408.668213.6
 Wrist and hand331414.02454.9
 Abdomen, spine and pelvis22719.685016.9
 Hip and thigh10904.62815.6
 Knee and lower leg18657.957811.5
 Ankle and foot265911.2921.8
 Ear, respiratory tract and alimentary tract100.000.0
 Unspecified body region3431.4150.3
 Body region not required270.1140.3
Type of injury
 Dislocation, sprain, strain537222.72264.5
 Other and unspecified injury349214.768013.5
 Superficial injury268511.32585.1
 Muscle and tendon15866.7731.5
 Open wound14015.91593.2
 Intracranial injury11084.753610.7
 Crushing injury5112.211*0.2
 Eye injury770.3
 Poisoning or toxic effects450.2
 Injury to internal organs2491.11823.6
 Foreign body660.300.0
 Traumatic amputation490.2150.3
 Injury to blood vessels320.190.2
 Injury to nerves and spinal cord320.1280.6
 Other and unspecified effects of external causes70.0110.2
Location of injury occurrence
 Sports and athletic areas19998.487417.4
 Road, street and highway5622.4771.5
 Trade and service area2220.916†0.3
 School and public buildings1000.4
 Residential institution290.1
 Industrial and construction area240.1
 Other specified places701329.63496.9
 Unspecified places254010.7325264.6
  • *Crushing injury, eye injury, poisoning or toxic effects, and burns are presented as grouped data due to small numbers.

  • †Trade and service area, school and public buildings, residential institution, and industrial and construction area are presented as grouped data due to small numbers.

  • ED, emergency department; HA, hospital admissions.