Table 2

ORs for potential ankle injury risk factors

Univariate analysisOR95% CIP value
Categorical variables
 Floorball0.720.39 to 1.340.29
 Male0.840.45 to 1.550.58
 Age, intermediate (mean±SD)1
 Age, low (<1 SD below mean,<13.9 years)1.080.45 to 2.560.87
 Age, high (>1 SD above mean,>17.5 years)0.920.37 to 2.290.85
 Height, intermediate (mean±SD)1
 Height, low (<1 SD below mean,<164.2 cm)1.030.46 to 2.260.95
 Height, high (>1 SD above mean,>182.4 cm)0.910.38 to 2.160.83
 Weight, intermediate (mean±SD)1
 Weight, low (<1 SD below mean,<54.7 kg)0.820.31 to 2.200.70
 Weight, high (>1 SD above mean,>74.6 kg)0.940.40 to 2.230.89
 BMI, intermediate (mean±SD)1
 BMI, low (<1 SD below mean,<19.0)0.800.32 to 1.980.63
 BMI, high (>1 SD above mean,>23.9)0.930.39 to 2.210.87
 FPKPA, intermediate (mean±SD)1
 FPKPA, low (<1 SD below mean,<2.7°)1.180.46 to 2.980.73
 FPKPA, high (>1 SD above mean,>23.8°)2.371.13 to 4.980.02*
 Training exposure, intermediate (mean±SD)1
 Training exposure, low (<1 SD below mean,<162.4 hours)1.140.50 to 2.600.76
 Training exposure. high (>1 SD above mean,>346.0 hours)0.710.25 to 2.030.52
 Match exposure, intermediate (mean±SD)1
 Match exposure, low (<1 SD below mean,<3.9 hours)0.570.20 to 1.620.29
 Match exposure, high (>1 SD above mean,>15 hours)0.800.34 to 1.880.61
 Match and training exposure, intermediate (mean±SD)1
 Match and training exposure, low (<1 SD below mean,<169.6 hours)1.020.43 to 2.420.96
 Match and training exposure. high (>1 SD above mean,>357.7 hours)0.840.31 to 2.230.72
Continuous variables
 Age (years)1.000.84 to 1.200.97
 Height (cm)0.990.96 to 1.030.65
 Weight (kg)0.990.96 to 1.030.65
 BMI (kg/m2)0.990.87 to 1.120.85
 FPKPA (°)1.020.99 to 1.050.24
 Training exposure (hour)1.001.00 to 1.000.87
 Match exposure (hour)1.010.96 to 1.060.79
 Match and training exposure (hour)1.001.00 to 1.000.86
  • Since only one variable achieved  P<0.20  were identified in the univariate analysis, no multivariate analysis was performed.

  • *P<0.05.

  • BMI, body mass index; FPKPA, frontal plane knee projection angle.