Table 2

Strength training programme followed by participants in the intervention group

Weeks 1–4Weeks 5–8SetsRepsRest (min)
Session 1
 Split squatLunge3102
 Good morningEcc/con leg pull and push in pairs3102
 SL SLDLBulgarian split squat3102
Session 2
 Step up (L to M height plyometric box)Step up (M to H height plyometric box)3102
 Nordic hamstring (ecc+con)Nordic hamstring (ecc+con)36/82
 SL bridgeSL good morning3102
Session 3
 SL good morningSL hip thrust3102
  • con, concentric; ecc, eccentric; H, high; L, low; M, medium; SL, single leg; SLDL, stiff leg deadlift.