Table 3

Reliability outcomes of studies included in the second step

Author(s)Rugby codeSkill testedSubjects (N)ReliabilityVariableResultEvidenceCOSMIN
Green25 UnionReactive agility11Test–retestReactive agility speed (s)ICC=0.88, SEM=0.09+Poor
Gabbett24 LeagueReactive agility42Test–retestMovement time (s)ICC=0.92, TE=2.1%+Fair
Decision time (ms)ICC=0.95, TE=7.8%+
Response accuracyICC=0.93, TE=3.9%+
Serpell26 LeagueReactive agility15Test–retestTotal agility time (s)ICC=0.82, SEM=0.01+Fair
Perception and response time (s)ICC=0.31, SEM=0.01
Participants’ confidence about decision made (%)ICC=0.50, SEM=2.12
Gabbett9 LeagueTechnical and perceptual skills58Test–retestTackling assessmentICC=0.83, TE=3.3%+Poor
Draw and pass assessmentICC=0.86, TE=5.3%+
Reactive agility, decision accuracyICC=0.93, TE=3.9%+
Reactive agility, decision timeICC=0.95, TE=7.8%+
Pattern recallICC=0.80, TE=9.3%+
Pattern predictionICC=0.85, TE=8.7%+
Intra-raterPlaying performanceICC>0.80, TE<5.0%+
Pienaar10 Not
Catching and passing36Test–retestPassing for distancePCC=0.74Fair
Passing for accuracy, 7 mPCC=0.66
Passing for accuracy, 4 mPCC=0.39
Running and catchingPCC=0.53
Stuart22 UnionSimulated rugby games9Between-subjects CoVOffensive sprintCoV=13%Poor
Defensive sprintCoV=9.2%
Tackle sprintCoV=9.8%
Passing accuracyCoV=20%
Gabbett14 LeagueGame-specific skills during match86Intra-raterICC=0.85–0.98, TE=5.1%–5.3%+Poor
Inter-raterICC=0.84–0.94, TE=7.0%–9.0%+
Kempton28 LeagueGame-specific skills during match10Intra-raterAttempted tackleα=0.81+Poor
Kick receive
‘Dummy-half’ pass
Ball carry
Kick (attacking)
Kick (territory)
Sirotic27 LeagueGame-specific skills during match39Intra-raterBall carriesICC=0.996, TEM=0.008+Fair
Support runsICC=0.986, TEM=0.010+
Touches of the ballICC=0.997, TEM=0.022+
Play-the-ballsICC=0.997, TEM=0.008+
Tackles madeICC=0.991, TEM=0.015+
Bennett23 LeagueGame-specific skills during match45Intra-raterBall carryICC=0.98, TEM=0.053+Fair
Support runICC=0.86, TEM=0.077+
Offensive missICC=0.71, TEM=0.061+
Line breakICC=0.86, TEM=0.007+
Line break assistICC=1.00, TEM=0.000+
Tackle completedICC=1.00, TEM=0.064+
Tackle not completedICC=0.99, TEM=0.000+
  • ‘+’, strong evidence; ‘–‘, limited evidence; α, Cronbach’s alpha; COSMIN, Consensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement Instruments; CoV, coefficient of variation; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; PCC Pearson’s correlation coefficient, SEM, standard error of measurement; TE, typical error of measurement; TEM, technical error of measurement.