Table 4

Validity outcomes of studies included in the second step

AuthorSportDomainSubjects (N)Known groupsVariableResultEvidenceCOSMIN
Green25 Rugby unionReactive agility28Academy vs clubReactive agility speed (s)ES=1.14++Fair
Gabbett24 Rugby leagueReactive agility42First grade vs second gradeMovement time (s)ES=0.73+Fair
Decision time (ms)ES=0.54+
Response accuracyES=0.34
Serpell26 Rugby leagueReactive agility30Elite players vs elite youth playersTotal agility time (s)ES=0.56+Fair
Perception and response time (s)ES=0.68+
Pienaar10 RugbyRugby skills218Experienced vs non-experiencedPassing for distance (m)ω²=32.4+Fair
Passing for accuracy, 7 mω²=50.7+
Passing for accuracy, 4 mω²=10.6
Running and catchingω²=23.3+
Kick for distance (m)ω²=29.4+
Kick-off for distance (m)ω²=13.9
  • ‘++’, strong evidence; ‘+’, moderate evidence; ‘– , weak evidence; COSMIN, Consensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement Instruments; ES, effect size.