Table 1

Details on excluded cases (n=312). Values are absolute and relative (percentage of all excluded cases) frequencies

Reason for exclusionNumber of cases
Activity-based exclusion (activity at the time of the accident not defined as hiking)
 Other mountain sport activity
 High-altitude mountaineering (glacier)67 (21.5%)
 Climbing or fixed-rope climbing (via ferrata)14 (4.5%)
 Mountain running8 (2.6%)
 Geocaching4 (1.3%)
 Mushroom/berry collectors, and so on71 (22.8%)
 Occupational activity (eg, professional mountain guides)19 (6.1%)
 Excursions of schools or youth groups13 (4.2%)
 Other activity: playing children, accidents in a hut, and so on65 (20.8%)
Circumstance-based exclusion (cause of the accident was not defined as a fall)
 Accident was not a fall (eg, rescue after getting lost, exhaustion)28 (9.0%)
 Fall was caused by an external reason (eg, animal attack, cardiovascular or metabolic event, rock fall)23 (7.4%)