Table 2

Prediagnosis activity level, level of participation, dropouts, physiological test performed, time from diagnosis to baseline and safety measures as well as ambassador feasibility

Physical activity
 Active before diagnosis*33.3% (25/75)
 Not active before diagnosis*66.6% (50/75)
 Participation in individual training sessions100% (75/75)
 Participation in group training sessions96% (72/75)
 Dropouts during intervention0% (0/75)
 Individual sessions per child, mean (range)37 (8–83)
 Group sessions per child, mean (range)8 (1–23)
 Individual training sessions>3100
 Group training sessions>300
 Number of physiological tests758
 Time from diagnosis to baseline test, median (IQR)8 days (4.5–19.0)
 Adverse events during training sessions and physiological testing 5
 Restrictions in relation to physiological testing based on a medical assessment20% (15/75)
 Two ambassadors allocated100% (75/75)
  • *Active defined as 60 min of moderate to vigorously activity three times per week.34

  • †Adverse events were four minor bruises during training sessions and one incident of a few seconds of fainting after a VO2peak test.