Table 3

Ways to improve and delivery the guidelines more effectively

SubthemesExample quotes
Improvement considerations
Have a specific policy for a delayed return to play (eg, 2 weeks post injury at a minimum)‘Yeah, just ….like we’ve done. Just … they should have them … a week or two weeks off. Because a lot like I said, a lot of sickness can come out a week later’.
Some additional information specifically for parents of junior players and for that to be included on the flow chart as well‘'Even though I think it’s probably not specific enough to the under 18 cohort’.
‘Well the other thing … it’s like we’ve got a diagnosis there’s the next thing that doesn’t apply to juniors because you just make that on the footnote if you have to’.
Insisting on detailed record keeping by teams and medical personnel‘And I guess too, given that it’s new, I wonder whether there’s some value in getting some data off the trainers … around … like actually evaluating its use and … and when it’s worked and when it hasn’t worked and things like that’.
More parent specific information (written/directed) about concussion‘On the top of the flowchart or … some advice to parents to say what the incidents is in … concussions in Australian Rules’.
Delivery considerations
Information provided at registration and/or code of conduct‘So parents really at, even if at‥the sign up you know? At the start of each year where you sign your…Registration. Maybe it should be-____I think too as part of the code of conduct. If people‥if parents are aware of it … if most people if you know the parameters that you work in, they adhere to it’.
An expert/medical provider to assess what is happening in the club and provide advice‘There’s also the opportunity to get the professionals … to come in and you know, look at what … you’ve got set within your own club and advise you on you know, what you should be doing and they can come in assist you and I don’t think many people know …’
Pocket cards with basic guidelines available‘Yep and I think even this pocket SCAT could be laminated'.
Video about the guidelines and concussion that is easily available‘People are pretty slack with reading things. Like, I mean you take for instance, you get a new DVD or a TV, does anyone read the manuals and know really? It’s the same sort of scenario’.
Posters in the club‘So, clearly on display. But if people see it and you keep … it’s like branding… and advertising. The more people see it … the more people will be aware of it. And adhere to it’.
Easily accessible on the web‘But it’s the sort of thing that’d be actually really good to have on our website’.