Table 1

Participants’ physical performance results by group

Performance characteristics PD
p Value Value of statistical test
RHR (bpm) 84.00±7.32 85.23±8.09 84.51±7.62>0.05Z=−0.69, U=569.00
PMHR (bpm)200.85±6.33207.34±0.95203.55±5.82<0.05Z=−7.00, U=29.00
HRRDT (bpm)178.86±7.28183.03±4.97180.60±6.71<0.05Z=−2.54, U=408.00
VO2max (mL/kg/min) 29.42±6.50 34.51±5.35 31.54±6.51<0.05t=−3.51
90%VO2max (mL/kg/min) 26.48±5.85 31.06±4.81 28.39±5.86<0.05t=−3.51
HR 90%Vo2max (bpm)160.97±6.55164.73±4.48162.54±6.04<0.05Z=−2.54, U=408.00
RPE 90%Vo2max 18.93±0.55 16.67±0.60 17.99±1.26<0.05Z=−7.42, U=8.00
RPE scale to 90% VO2max and HR Measured at 90% VO2max in the PD groupSmoker  2.27±1.28>0.05Z=−0.87, U=148.50
Non-smoker  1.70±1.34
HRRDT x RPE scale to 90% VO2max and HR measured at 90% VO2maxPDr= −. 511*
  • The results are presented as mean and SD.

  • *Pearson's correlation. Alpha was set to 0 .05 for all statistical analyses.

  • HR, heart rate; HRRDT, heart rate reached during test; HR 90%Vo2max, heart rate at 90% of maximal oxygen consumption; PMHR, predict maximum heart rate;RHR, resting heart rate; VO2max, maximal oxygen consumption; 90%VO2max, 90% of the maximal oxygen consumption; RPE 90%Vo2max, Borg's RPE Scale values at 90% of maximal oxygen consumption.