TableĀ 4

Patient participant response to SSMP techniques

Responses to technique
The manner by which the patient participants responded to the technique (ie, worse, no change, partial reduction, complete reduction)
TechniqueNumber of patientsWorseNo changePartialComplete
AP pressure103061
Eccentric abduction70160
Eccentric flexion30120
AP pressure with superior translation40121
External rotation in flexion30210
External rotation in abduction71132
Internal rotation in flexion41120
Internal rotation in abduction61122
Depression in flexion30030
Depression in abduction80143
PA pressure80233
Scapular elevation110443
Scapular elevation and posterior tilt30021
Scapular elevation, retraction and posterior tilt30030
Scapular depression113350
Scapular posterior tilt112162
Scapular protraction102350
Scapular retraction111271
Thoracic extension110551
Total13414 (10.4%)29 (21.6%)71 (53.0%)20 (14.9%)
  • AP, anterior to posterior; ER, external rotation; IR, internal rotation; PA, posterior to anterior.