Table 5

Intertester reliability, whole cohort of clinicians

Movementα95% CIProbability of not attaining 0.800Number of patientsMissing ratings
AP pressure0.8460.802 to 0.8880.020106/370
Eccentric abduction0.8210.717 to 0.9140.33470/259
Eccentric flexion0.9280.878 to 0.970<0.00130/111
AP pressure with superior translation0.7830.702 to 0.8570.64744/148
External rotation in flexion0.8740.806 to 0.9350.01830/111
External rotation in abduction0.8260.775 to 0.8730.14775/259
Depression in flexionNCNCNC31/111
Internal rotation in flexion0.7620.690 to 0.8280.86340/148
Internal rotation in abduction0.8940.863 to 0.922<0.00161/222
Depression in flexionNCNCNC31/111
Depression in abduction0.9150.861 to 0.958<0.00181/296
PA pressure0.8370.772 to 0.8940.12983/296
Scapular elevation0.9050.854 to 0.946<0.001110/407
Scapular elevation, posterior tilt0.9200.839 to 1.000.00930/111
Scapular elevation, retraction, posterior tiltNCNCNC30/111
Scapular depression0.8380.761 to 0.9070.160111/407
Scapular posterior tilt0.9110.876 to 0.944<0.001112/407
Scapular protraction0.9280.874 to 0.9730.001100/370
Scapular retraction0.8510.790 to 0.9080.051110/407
Thoracic extension0.9210.853 to 0.976<0.001110/407
  • The NC values were due to insufficient variation in the rating to perform calculation.

  • AP, anterior to posterior; NC, not calculable; PA, posterior to anterior.