Table 4

Univariable association between baseline characteristics and knee osteoarthritis (new or progression) on the 6-year MRI

VariableUnivariable 6 year (n=47)
Pooled ORPooled 95% CIPooled Sig
Patient characteristics
 Age1.101.02 to 1.180.01*
 Female gender2.570.71 to 9.260.15*
 Body mass index1.030.87 to 1.230.71
Mechanism and symptom characteristics
 Trauma during sport0.230.06 to 0.980.05*
 Pain (11-point scale)1.160.89 to 1.530.28
 Limitation and pain during daily function (Lysholm <80)5.480.63 to 48.00.13*
 Instability of the knee (Lysholm)0.490.12 to 1.930.31
 History of traumatic knee symptoms1.040.28 to 3.870.95
 History of non-traumatic knee symptoms4.261.09 to 16.70.04*
MRI findings
 Any lesion0.560.14 to 2.190.40
 Anterior cruciate ligament tear0.640.15 to 2.810.55
 Medial collateral ligament lesion1.270.36 to 4.510.71
 Meniscal tear1.270.36 to 4.510.71
 Chondral defect2.700.64 to 11.40.18*
 Osteophytes10.01.71 to 58.40.01*
 Bone marrow oedema3.110.73 to 13.20.12*
 Meniscal degeneration0.380.10 to 1.490.17*
  • *p≤0.20 (to be included in the multivariate analysis).