Table 3

Selection of patients who require hospital admission and intravenous fluid administration

Physiological ERMClinically significant ERM
Clinical featuresOnly myalgiaAlso muscle weakness and/or swelling and/or altered consciousness
Vital signsNormalAbnormal and/or body temperature >40°C (heat stroke)
ExerciseClearly unaccustomedAccustomed/unaccustomed
CK (U/L)<10 000≥10 000
Acute renal failureAbsentAbsent or present
Electrolyte abnormalitiesAbsentAbsent or present
Acid base statusNormalAbnormal
Other factors possibly provoking rhabdomyolysisAbsentAbsent or present
  • No prior episodes of ERM

  • No other indicators of NMD

  • No renal, cardiac or pulmonary medical comorbidity

  • Prior episodes of ERM

  • Other indicators of NMD

  • Renal, cardiac or comorbidity

Outpatient follow-up if all normalReferral to the ER in case of any of these factors
  • CK, creatine kinase; ERM, exertional rhabdomyolysis.