Table 6

Cardiac morphology in current series compared with echocardiographic data in 225 triathletes studied by Douglas19

Criterion for LVHPer cent, Douglas, 199719Per cent, current series (all cases)p ValuePer cent, current series (CAD, haemorrhage, aortic dissection excluded)p Value
Heart mass > threshold*2445 (N=20)0.02337.5 (N=16)0.1
Septum ≥1.3 cm167 (N=9)<0.00166.7 (N=6)<0.001
Posterior wall ≥1.3 cm0.550 (N=14)<0.00150 (N=10)<0.001
  • *Echocardiography (Douglas19): LV mass >294 g/m in men or >198 g/m in women; autopsy (current series): heart weight >95th centile according to Kitzman as determined from height.18

  • CAD, coronary artery disease; LVH, left ventricular hypertrophy.