Table 1

Key data collection features of included data sets for female Australian football injuries

JLT sport*Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset**Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset**West Australian Women's Football League
Data sourceInsurance claims casesHospital admissionsEmergency presentationsClub-based collection
Injuries includedInjuries which had costs that were not covered by Australia's public health system (eg, elective medical procedures such as non-urgent surgeries) or resulted in a substantial loss of incomeInjuries which required admission to a hospitalInjuries for which a person sought treatment at an EDAny self-reported injury sustained during games (no specific definition was provided). Injuries were reported by players to club trainers, with differing experience and qualifications
Data extractionAll cases of injuries in the football-related database were extracted, subsequently only the player-related injuries were analysed (injury cases sustained in non-playing related activities were not included)Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit extracted cases for females with ICD-10-AM activity code U5000 (Australian Rules Football) or U5008 (other specified football) or U5009 (football unspecified)Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit extracted all data for females with a text narrative that included the term ‘football’ or variations and derivatives. Cases were manually checked for relevanceNot applicable
Age rangeAllAllAll16 years plus
LocationAustralia-wideVictoriaVictoriaWestern Australia
Population coveragePlayers engaged in football participation (training and games)State-wide collection of data on all admissions to Victorian public and private hospitals39 Victorian public hospital EDs, inclusive of all public hospitals with a 24 h servicePlayers in the Western Australian Women's Football Leagues—premier, reserve and youth (if over 16 years)
Dates includedJanuary 2004–December 2013July 2008–June 2014July 2008–June 2013April–August 2014
Associated information availableArea and club played, injury type, date of injury, playing surface, body region injured, month, weather, age, injury narrativeInjury type, body region injured, body part injured, player age, cause, location injury occurred, length of stayInjury type, body region injured, body part injured, player age, cause, location injury occurredDate of injury, venue, age, injury, pre-existing injury, cause, treatment required, timing of injury in game, expected weeks out of game, injury narrative
Number of records included522500187949
Case capture100% (based on JLT being the insurance provider of all AF clubs)100% (based on information provided by the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit)89% (based on information provided by the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit)Unknown
  • *JLT Sport is a division of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Limited.

  • **Data from VAED and VEMD was obtained from the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit.

  • ED, emergency department.