Table 3

Treatment required for the self-reported worst injuries sustained by 431 respondents from senior women's Australian football

 Upper limb (n=144)*Lower limb (n=353)*Other (n=103)*Total (n=600)*
Per cent†(n)Per cent†(n)Per cent†(n)Per cent†(n)
No treatment1(2)2(6)2(2)2(10)
Club trainer/physiotherapist15(22)18(62)23(24)18(108)
General practitioner23(33)13(46)22(23)17(102)
Local physiotherapist18(26)33(115)20(21)27(162)
Other therapist‡4(6)4(13)6(6)4(25)
  • *The n is treatments reported, participants could choose more than one treatment.

  • †Per cent is the proportion of all treatments within injured body region.

  • ‡Other includes myotherapist, chiropractor and occupational therapist.