Table 2

Number and proportion of self-reported worst injuries by body region and injury type (n=431)* for respondents from senior women's Australian football

Body region†SuperficialFractureJointMuscleConcussionOther‡TotalTotal (%)95% CI
Lower limb151812769623554.5(49.8 to 59.2)
Upper limb238598411125.8(21.9 to 30.1)
Face, head, neck2221253358.1(5.9 to 11.1)
Trunk456168399.0(6.7 to 12.1)
Other100011124.9(3.2 to 7.3)
Total (%)5.614.645.
95% CI(3.8 to 8.2)(11.6 to 18.3)(40.4 to 49.7)(18.2 to 26.0)(4.0 to 8.4)(5.1 to 10.0)
  • *Does not include participants with missing information (n=23) and non-injured players (n=99).

  • †Body region incorporates: upper limb (shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, fingers, thumb); lower limb (hip/groin, thigh, knee, calf, ankle, foot/toes); head, face and neck; trunk (spine, chest and abdomen).

  • ‡Includes other, don't know and required details missing—not applicable.