TableĀ 2

FAA code and description

CodeGradeRoyal Navy descriptionArmy/RAF description
FAA 1Fully fitFully fit, field or seas worldwideCan do all aspects of their job and all general military duties
FAA 2Fit for trade and fit for restricted general or military dutiesFit for flying, aircrew dutiesAble to do all aspects of their primary task but not all the physical aspects of their physical duties (this might apply to a clerk but is unlikely to apply to an infantry soldier)
FAA 3Unfit for trade but fit for restricted general or military dutiesFully employable ashore/ship in harbour or ashore only in own trade/skill at sea
Fit for limited flying aircrew duties
Unable to do primary task but able to perform some limited physical tasks (eg, aircraft engineer who cannot perform his trade but can do some other physical duties or an infantryman who can work in MT or stores)
FAA 4Unfit for all but sedentary dutiesEmployable in restricted duties ashore onlyOnly able to perform light duties
FAA 5Off all dutiesOff all duties (ashore sick leave)On sick leave, Y-listed or non-effective
  • FAA, functional activity assessment; MT, mechanical transport; RAF, Royal Air Force.