Table 2

The odds and OR for an athlete to be injured 24 months before and after an index injury in the concussion and control groups

Number of individuals with 1 or 2 or more injuries before or after the concussion
GroupTimeTotal injuries (n)Uninjured individuals (n)Injured individuals (n)n=1n>1
Concussion (n=281)Before103211704822
Odds 0.33Odds 0.46
OR 1.98OR 2.39
Odds 0. 31Odds 0.50
OR 1.72OR 2.14
Control (ankle injury) (n=1259)Before214107918015129
Odds 0.17Odds 0.19
Odds 0.18Odds 0.23
  • Odds and OR are calculated by comparison with the number of athletes without injury during the same period of time.

  • The pattern of a higher risk for injury both before and after concussion was seen in all four sports (table 3).