Table 3

Multiple linear regression summary ascertaining the impact of group (OEP vs control) on fall risk profile

Independent variablesUnstandardised β (SE)
ModelR2=40%p Value
PPA (baseline)0.3 (0.1)0.004*
Group−0.7 (0.3)0.007*
Location0.1 (0.2)0.649
Sex0.06 (0.26)0.806
Age0.05 (0.03)0.069
FCI−0.6 (0.5)0.186
ABC−0.009 (0.010)0.374
MoCA−0.01 (0.04)0.768
  • *p<0.05.

  • ABC, Activities Specific Balance Confidence Scale; FCI, Functional Comorbidity Index; MoCA, Montreal Cognitive Assessment; OEP, Otago Exercise Programme; PPA, Physiological Profile Assessment.