Table 3

Predicted postoperative (ppo) values and actually measured values 4–6 weeks after surgery for pulmonary function (n=63) and peak oxygen uptake (n=59), with limits of agreement and linear correlation (r2)

Ppo valueActually measured after surgeryDifference ppo-measuredp ValueLimits of agreementLinear correlation
FEV1, % of predicted69.5±19.972.9±17.5−3.4±−13.70.06−23.5 to 30.20.55
DLCO, % of predicted63.6±18.965.4±18.1−1.7±−12.30.27−22.3 to 25.80.61
V̇O2peak, % of predicted63.1±16.565.4±16.9−2.3±−13.30.20−23.8 to 28.30.46
V̇O2peak, mL/kg/min18.6±5.419.2±5.5−0.6±−4.10.24−7.4 to 8.70.50
  • Data are presented as mean±SD.

  • DLCO, carbon monoxide lung diffusion capacity; FEV1, forced expiratory volume after 1 s; V̇O2peak, peak oxygen uptake.