Table 3

Methodological quality assessment

Methodological quality itemAlhassan et al 201217Bellows et al 201318Bonvin et al 201319Hardy et al 201023Jones et al 201120Robinson and Goodway 200922Tsapakidou et al 201421
Key baseline characteristics reported separately for each group++
Randomisation procedure clearly described++−−
Valid measure of FMS+++++++
Dropout ≤20% for <6 months follow-up or ≤30% for ≥6 months follow-up++++++
Assessor blinding+++
Motor development assessed a min of 6 months after pretest+++
Intention-to-treat analysis++++
Potential confounders accounted for in analysis+++++
Summary results presented+treatment effect+precision estimates++++
Power calculation reported++
Total score62108723